Packaging Alternatives to Plastic Pails and Flexible Packaging Benefits

It’s interesting to see how pail alternatives have gained popularity among a large number of our clients. It’s amazing how much the packaging industry has evolved over the years. There was a time when a large, bulky, and inconvenient pail was the only packaging option available. Today, there are countless alternatives that are perfect for keeping your product safe, secure, and highly competitive. Choosing the right pail alternative may seem challenging, but it’s surely a great way to give your product the competitive edge that it deserves. Whether you choose metal, plastic or any other suitable solution, one thing is for sure – your product will perform much better than it did in a standard pail package. It’s always good to have options to choose from. When it comes to packaging your products, it’s essential to weigh your choices and choose what works best for you. This blog highlights the top reasons to embrace pail alternatives as your packaging solution.

Gain More Retail Opportunities with Flexible Packaging Ease of Storage

Packaging with pail alternatives provides a range of benefits that you simply can’t overlook. Sure you’re aware they save space, it’s one of their key advantages. As they’re made from high-quality, flexible materials, they can fit in smaller spaces and still keep your products safe and secure. But that’s just the beginning of their advantage. With these packages, you can save money during the shipping process and create more shelf-space at the point of sale. This can be a game-changing attribute as it might give your product more prominence when compared to your competitors. And if you’re looking for a pail alternative for your food packaging, we highly recommend the Mylar pouch. With superior flexibility, affordable price, and a food-grade plastic lining that ensures your product stays fresh, you won’t be disappointed.

Flexible Packaging Alternatives for an Eco-Friendly Packaging Solution

Pail alternatives for packaging are a brilliant choice for environmentally conscious consumers. The fact that these alternatives are constructed from flexible materials makes them an even better eco-friendly packaging solution. Given the increased significance of factors such as sustainability when making purchasing decisions, packaging plays an integral role. An example of an industry that has embraced flexible pail packaging alternatives is the pet food industry. When was the last time you spotted large pails of pet food packaging on store displays? Nowadays, the majority of stores offer an extensive variety of eco-friendly packaging and recycled material bags and pouches. Not only does this make it easier for consumers to physically grab a bag of pet food, but it also assures them that they are contributing positively to the planet.

Improve Customer Appeal with Flexible Packaging Design

Choosing an alternative to pails is a wise decision for several reasons. One of the reasons is that packaging with a pail alternative is simply more attractive to consumers. Not only are alternative packaging options less obtrusive, but they also offer much greater flexibility for branding and design. Pouches, for example, are a popular alternative to pails because they enable businesses to incorporate creative visual elements with ease. Additionally, retail shelves are enhanced by the look of pouches and bags, resulting in a more approachable design for consumers. Particularly if you are in the food or pet food industry, opting for an alternative packaging, like pouches or bags, will assure that your brand appeals to a wider range of customers.

Rigid Packaging Alternatives

We understand that while flexible packaging may be ideal for some, it may not always be suitable or possible for many businesses. That’s why we would like to offer some suggestions for alternative rigid packaging options that you might find useful. You could opt for #10 cans, which are great for storing long-term foods like oats, beans, and dried macaroni. These cans come with a specialized barrier that guarantees to protect your product from the harmful effects of moisture and oxygen. Alternatively, glass jars and bottles are an excellent option for keeping dry goods for both short and long-term storage. They are also reusable and an eco-friendly packaging solution, offering a great choice for the environmentally conscious among you. Finally, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic bottles can store both liquid and solid items and are easy to maintain. However, it’s important to ensure that the bottles are thoroughly cleaned before use. We hope these recommendations allow you to select the best rigid packaging option for your products!¬†

Hopefully you’ve found this article to be helpful in your quest to uncover the perfect packaging solutions for your business. With the abundance of options available to us these days, recognizing the right one can certainly feel like finding a needle in a haystack. But rest assured that at Packaging Solutions, we specialize in finding the perfect packaging solution for every single one of our clients, no matter what their needs might be. So, if you’re intrigued by what you’ve read so far and would like to work together to develop a winning packaging strategy, please take a moment to fill out our contact form. We’d be delighted to hear from you!