Packaging Services

Packaging Design

Need design services for a product launch or just wanting to revamp your current packaging? Our team of industrial, graphic, and structural designers can create cost effective, material neutral designs that will meet all ISTA standards. 

Vendor Managed Inventory

Quit running out of everyday packaging materials! Have one of our associates help manage your stock levels. We will work closely with your operations team to set inventory levels and manage those inventory levels to insure you never run out!

Just in Time Delivery programs

Floor space is always a premium! Let us stock and warehouse your packaging materials to keep your warehouse space free and clear. We take pride in having the ability to warehouse your inventory and deliver to our customers on an “as needed basis”. Keep that cash flow flowing without having to commit to large shipments!

Kitting and Assembly

Have a project that requires assembly? Let us handle that for you. We can assemble and kit your packaging components and ship them into your facility or directly into your customers facility on your behalf.

Customer Satisfaction

Our Process

Packaging Solutions Inc is there for you along every step of the process, from concept to sourcing, to manufacturing and delivery.