Make Your Packaging More Accessible in 5 Steps

The need for more accessible ecommerce packaging is obvious, yet frequently overlooked. In fact, 44% of consumers struggle with packaging every day. We now know that a large portion of the world’s population would benefit from accessible packaging solutions, which is why we’ve made efforts to better understand the needs of a more inclusive customer base. Keep reading to learn how you can make your packaging more accessible to a larger audience in 5 steps. 

1. Use Simple Colors on Your Packaging Materials

The first suggestion we have for creating more accessible packaging is to use simple colors. There are several benefits to be gained from this tactic. First, simple colors are trending right now. Many companies are ditching more vibrant colors and instead choosing a softer color palette. Not only is this a way to keep your product looking competitive on retailer’s shelves, but it’s also incredibly helpful to people on the autism spectrum. For some, loud colors can be overwhelming and distracting. Overall, selecting a simple color palette for your packaging is a great decision. 

2. Use Textured or Raised Symbols on Your Package's Exterior

Another way you can make your packaging materials more accessible is by using textured or raised symbols. While braille is definitely a great example of this, it’s actually not the only texture type that can benefit someone with different abilities. In fact, tactile marks are much more common and easier to learn. This small addition can make a big difference to someone with a visual impairment. 

3. Include An Easy-Open Mechanism on Your Packaging Material

When you’re designing your new product packaging with accessibility in mind, an easy-to-open device is a must! Any package that features multiple mechanisms, like zippers, loops, or hinges, can make it much easier to open than a traditional package. You can even offer several different types of opening mechanisms so your customers can choose the device that is easiest for them. This will help many people feel more comfortable purchasing your product. 

4. Make Your Package's Graphics Easy to Read

Making all your graphics and text legible is a very important element in creating accessible packaging products. Most people who are visually impaired will appreciate seeing a package on the store shelves that is easy to read. We recommend using a large, bold font, and placing it in a less congested area of your packaging. You can also add a plain background behind your text elements so that they will stand out from any design elements nearby. It’s also important to consider your color ratio when designing accessible packaging. This refers to how bright or dark colors appear. For colorblind and other visually impaired users, having the right color ratio is crucial. WCAG 2.0 guidelines dictate a minimum contrast ratio of 4.5:1 for the visual presentation of normal text. Having an easy-to-read packaging solution will go a long way in benefiting your consumers and encouraging people to buy your product.

5. Use Flexible Packaging Materials Instead of Rigid Materials

Our last suggestion is to package your product in flexible packaging materials. This includes items like bags, pouches, and poly mailers. These types of packages will make it easier for someone with different abilities to carry, open, and store your product. Think about how difficult it can be to carry a heavy product inside a large box. Eliminate this hassle by using flexible packaging materials. Of course, there are some instances where utilizing a rigid packaging solution is unavoidable. In those situations, you may want to consider a right-sizing packaging solution

Creating a more accessible world is so important. We hope that you’ve found this article to be helpful and that you’ll seriously consider updating your current packaging to be more inclusive. Packaging Solutions would love to be a part of your accessible packaging design and development. If you would like to learn more about us or request a quote for our services, fill out our online contact form. We can’t wait to work with you!