Most Popular Types of Shipping Mailers

When shipping your products, it’s crucial to have the optimal packaging solutions to ensure your customers receive their orders as promised. The ecommerce industry, therefore, relies heavily on mailers as their primary packaging materials. However, there are numerous types of mailers businesses can opt for. Below, we offer descriptions of the three most popular mailers in use today to assist you in selecting the ideal one for your business needs.

1. Flexible Poly Mailers

Polyethylene mailers, commonly known as poly mailers, are an excellent option for shipping products in a secure and presentable way. They are lightweight and weather-proof envelopes that come equipped with self-sealing facilities, rendering them an excellent choice for ecommerce shipping . Compared to their competitors, flexible packaging is ideal for preserving products that don’t require extensive protection or have an unstructured shape. In terms of shielding delicate content, poly mailers offer unmatched protection against undesirable elements like dirt, moisture, and dust. By using high-quality poly mailers, you’re investing in a foolproof method of ensuring that your products reach their intended destination unscathed and in perfect condition.

2. Rigid Corrugated Mailers

Corrugated mailers come across as an ideal option for an array of businesses seeking sturdy packaging alternatives. They bring to the table a combination of rigid material with adequate product space, and that is certainly their claim to fame. Rigid packaging material is these types of mailers’ fortes as it provides an extra layer of protection that every commodity deserves. Unlike most run-of-the-mill packaging options, corrugated mailers are made up of three sheets of container board. The outside layers are flat, while the middle sheet boasts a distinctive rippled structure; hence they should not be confused with plain-jane cardboard boxes. As an ecommerce enterprise, this packaging alternative mirrors a wise choice as it offers numerous perks. The fact that it is printable is great for marketing because branding is vital for business sustainability. Starting with brown corrugated mailers, the flashy option of customization with designs, colors, and graphics transforms them to make a fashion statement! They make excellent choices for shipping products besides being sturdy, durable, and eco-friendly, all of which are  important to businesses.

3. Padded Bubble Mailers

Bubble mailers are a form of packaging that offer an adjustable degree of protection for the items they carry. Typically, the mailers are enveloped in a paper exterior and lined with bubble wrap inside. This helps furnish your products with an extra layer of security while in transit. Additionally, the size of the bubbles used has a direct effect on how much protection the product can achieve during transportation. As a rule of thumb, larger bubbles guarantee an even higher level of cushioning and shielding during delivery. Moreover, bubble mailers are preferred by most businesses, thanks to their flexible and safe composition- which offers cost-effective solutions for product delivery.

If you’re seeking an innovative packaging solution for your product, we’d highly recommend exploring our range of top-quality mailers. Whether you opt for a poly, rigid, or bubble mailer, rest assured that your product will be securely delivered in pristine condition. If you’re interested in partnering with Packaging Solutions for your mailer needs, simply access our user-friendly online contact form and request a competitive quote. Moreover, we cater to custom shipping mailer solutions in addition to eco-friendly packaging options, giving you the freedom to choose packaging that best fits your business niche. We look forward to hearing from you soon and are eager to help you with your packaging needs!