Best Practices for Ecommerce Packaging Solutions

Ecommerce packaging doesn’t need to look dull anymore, with the various solutions readily accessible nowadays. Nevertheless, choosing the ideal packaging for your retail store might sometimes be challenging. You wish to arrive at a decision that’ll benefit both you and your consumers; one that guarantees optimal performance and a delightful unboxing experience. This is why we’ve compiled this comprehensive guide of best practices regarding ecommerce packaging solutions- to assist you to make informed decisions as you augment your product offerings.

Take Advantage of Rightsized Packaging for Your Ecommerce Product

In today’s fast-paced world, ecommerce businesses are seeking tools that deliver optimal results. One such tool is rightsized packaging – the ultimate solution that strikes a balance between packaging optimization, shipping costs reduction, and streamlined production. By embracing rightsized packaging, your brand would enjoy the dual benefit of saving money on shipping and packaging costs, while delighting customers, who appreciate eco-friendly solutions that uphold company values. In fact, research reveals that a significant number of consumers are more likely to complete their purchase if they believe the brand is committed to environmental sustainability. Therefore, by using rightsized packages, you can convey a strong message to your customers that your brand honors our planet and is committed to providing solutions that benefit everyone. With so many benefits, it is clear that rightsized packaging is indeed a game-changer for ecommerce businesses seeking to optimize their shipping and packaging operations.

Use Flexible Packaging Materials to Ship Your Ecommerce Product

A frequent recommendation we make to ecommerce businesses in need of innovative packaging solutions is the use of flexible packaging. This unique type of packaging material, including poly mailers, bubble mailers, and pouches, offers enhanced flexibility and durability as compared with rigid packaging options. Despite easy bending and fitting capabilities, they’re also designed to optimize space usage, making the handling and transportation of goods much easier.

Moreover, these packaging materials offer significant advantages for your ecommerce business. For example, you can enjoy a custom branding that does not only enhance marketing but also intensifies brand recognition and customer loyalty. So, go ahead and consider flexible packaging options to realize the numerous benefits it offers!

Include Your Branding on All Ecommerce Packaging Materials

Throughout this blog, we’ve hinted on the importance of branding in ecommerce packaging, which should be considered for building brand identity. Therefore, it’s crucial to design all product components with your brand’s logo, company name, and brand colors wherever possible, including bottles, boxes, pouches, or bags accordingly. This approach is pivotal in elevating your brand awareness, expressing your personality, and engaging new customers.

To exemplify this, consider someone receiving your product as a birthday gift. They may have never heard of your company before, but this becomes their first introduction. Imagine them discovering your branded packaging for the first time upon opening the gift wrap. What catches their eye? If you take the time to consider branded packaging, they’ll form an opinion about your company. Read below for an excellent branding concept to experiment with.

Create An Unboxing Experience for Your Customers

One last recommendation we have for ecommerce businesses is to design packaging that creates a unique unboxing experience for the customer. Your consumers should open your packaging and feel the same sense of excitement and urgency as they do opening a gift on their birthday! You may not think this is a big deal but trust us – it is.

Think about how many unboxing videos you see every day across your social media platforms. Many people like this kind of content because it’s flashy and exciting! Here are some ways you can build up your ecommerce product packaging for a unique unboxing experience:

  • Make the elements inside colorful (and on brand)! This can be executed through product dividers, tissue paper, bows, or confetti.
  • Add a personal touch.     You can include a Thank You note, a bonus gift, or a coupon inside your package to give it a little something extra.
  • Include hidden gems. People love a little mystery, so include hidden elements in your designs or throughout your package and encourage your customers to share on social media once they’ve found theirs.

Thank you for considering Packaging Solutions as your partner in the ecommerce industry. Our team understands the crucial significance of your business and aims to provide the best possible packaging solution to cater to your specific necessities. We hope that this guide has shed some light on our commitment to your service and how we can help elevate your enterprise. If you would like to collaborate with us for your product’s packaging needs, we invite you to fill out our contact form. Our team will promptly reach out to you to discuss further the possibility of a successful partnership.